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About Us

Kantipur Temple House is an eco-hotel with a social responsible philosophy. The hotel tries to protects the environment and preserves the cultural heritage of Kathmandu Valley.

How Does Kantipur Temple House Do This?

  • Solar heated water is provided to all guests for shower.
  • Towels and bed sheets are not changed everyday unless specifically requested.
  • A green purchasing policy using local materials and food has been adopted.
  • Traditional architecture and construction methods are used in building and maintenance.
  • “No plastic philosophy” is maintained.
  • Purchases made for the restaurant are done without using polythene bags.
  • Mineral water bottles are not sold to guests, instead free drinking water is provided in jugs.
  • An in-house waste management system of biodegradable waste is set up.
  • Employment  opportunities are given to locals.
  • All staffs are encouraged to volunteer on clean ups of heritage sites.
  • There are no televisions/bathtubs/AC/central heating system to avoid excessive energy consumption. We use traditional and energy saving mediums for comfort like hot water bags, electric blankets.
  • To cope with the frequent power outage in the country, we have switched to solar power instead of traditional diesel generators for backup. We pride in being the first amongst the hotels in Nepal to implement completely clean energy for our day-to-day operation.

How Can You Help? Please, If Possible

  • Please do not ask for towels and sheets to be changed daily as this uses a lot of water.
  • Please do not accept plastic shopping bags. The hotel will provide cloth bags which can be returned later or be purchased.
  • Try our restaurant where we serve as much organic food as possible. Watch out for the board that shows what’s special for the day.

For more information on our actions in sustainability please read